The First Night in Your New Home!

Congratulations, you bought a new home! Now it is time to move in and get settled on your first day. But, where do you begin?

Make sure to surround yourself with help, whether that is friends and family or professional movers. Then, create a game plan and get organized to keep the experience exciting and less stressful! 

So, what should you pack for your first night at your new house?

Here are 3 main things to remember to pack:


1. Valuables: Important documents, jewelry, and paperwork needed for the move (and your new home).

2. An overnight bag: Each person in your family (including pets) should have an overnight bag filled with necessities such as medications, pajamas, and chargers for electronics.

3. A home essentials box: You should include items like trash bags, bottled water, snacks, and toilet paper.


Pack Essentials Boxes

Having essential items separated before moving in will make your first night much easier. You’ll be able to catch your breath and relax on your first night, rather than having to sift through a bunch of boxes to find a toothbrush.


Make Plans for Dinner

Think about what you will eat that first night in the new place and make preparations for it, whether it’s putting aside the ingredients and supplies you’ll need to cook or deciding as a family whether you’ll be ordering in or eating out (and what you’ll be eating). If you’re moving to a new area, do a search to find out what restaurants are nearby. 


Set Up Bedrooms and Bathrooms

After a long day of moving, the best part will be taking a hot shower and getting into a nice, warm bed. Take a few minutes to put toilet paper, soap, and towels in the bathrooms (along with any personal toiletries you have) and set up the beds. 

If for some reason, you don’t have your bed frames yet or you are unable to put them together in time, invest in a budget-friendly air mattress so you can at least get a good night’s sleep before you start unpacking and settling in the next day.


Bottom Line 

Remind each client that moving is not a race, and getting to the first night in your new home takes time. The unorganized state of a house is temporary. 

So, clients can regain control with the tips you provide, and by unpacking with a system. Also, educate your clients on how it is possible to enjoy the first night in your new home after a full day of moving.