New Home Investments on a Budget 

home improvements

Purchasing a new home is one of the biggest and most worthwhile investments you make in your life. Once you move in, the homeownership process has just begun. 

Home maintenance is an unavoidable part of owning a property that if you do right, can ensure that your home remains a safe, secure and cared for environment.

Not only can staying on top of things avoid problems in the long term, but regular maintenance and repairs will provide the opportunity to make minor upgrades that can increase your home’s equity. 

Maximising the value of your home is important in being prepared for any unexpected changes, whether you are considering selling your home or planning to stay. Plus, any inspections that are carried out will result in higher valuations in a well maintained home. So, consider tasks that can improve your home and also improve your quality of life!


1. Kitchen is King 

One of the smartest places to spend your hard-earned money is in the kitchen. Think about the layout and workspace. This is the place where your cooking area, sink, and dishwasher meet, to create an effortless flow when working. 

Is your dishwasher close to the sink? Are you tripping over stools and a butcher-block table to get from one side to the other? Make sure to place all your new amenities into a nice flowing workspace. If you have a great layout, plugging in new appliances, hardware, and cabinets can be quick and easy.

In addition to switching to stainless steel appliances when possible, think about other kitchen updates that make a big impact. A little color and texture through a new backsplash can take a kitchen from plain to magnificent. Also, add recessed lighting to brighten up your home!


2. Boost the Bathroom 

You don't have to go crazy for bathroom updates to make a noticeable difference. Install new fixtures, re-grout the shower, add crown molding, and brighten up the room with some paint. A little texture through wallpaper or an interesting accent wall can also make a bathroom go from a plain to magnificent. 

Also, a new mirror and light fixtures can go a long way to transform your space! Just a few little improvements in a bathroom can be a really smart way to spend your money.


3. Update Plumbing

Believe it or not, an appraiser takes the plumbing into heavy consideration when assigning the value to a home. Back in the day, repairing or replacing plumbing was a huge undertaking, with walls being torn up and drywall removal. Nowadays, re-piping is usually done with PEX (a type of plastic tubing) that is extremely reliable and can be run through your walls like an extension cord. 

This means less holes and a lot less mess. It also means less money spent on materials and labor. By investing in updated plumbing, you will save money in the long run. Also, will not have to deal with cracked pipes, constant leaks, and repairs. In addition, you will avoid any health problems, such as leaks that result in mold growth.


4. Front Yard Makeover 

Whether it's a nice paver walkway or simply adding some color to your planters, keeping your front yard looking fresh is not only inexpensive, but also adds great curb appeal. When it comes to home improvements, a book is often judged by its cover.

A groomed yard tells your neighbors that you take pride in your home and neighborhood. Plus, it makes your home stand out.


5. Basement or Attic Renovation 

If you have a basement or a big attic, finish it out. Whether it's making the man cave of your dreams or an extra bedroom for your family, finishing your basement or attic can bring instant equity into your home. Before starting that process, make sure to gain a permit and follow all of the codes in your area. 

If not, the square footage may not be added to the rest of the house or considered a "livable" space. Different states have different building codes, so make sure to hire a contractor that is familiar with your specific area.


6. Add Attic Insulation

If the insulation in your attic is not up to par, close to 30% of the warm, comfortable air that your furnace is producing is going out the window. Laying insulation is an easy DIY project and the materials are pretty inexpensive.

Also, just simple caulking around doors and windows can save you a lot of money. You may have to sacrifice a weekend to make these changes, but your electric bill (and the environment!) will thank you.


7. Brighten Up Your Space 

No one likes a dark, dreary living space. So, improve your home’s value by adding in canned or recessed lighting in the kitchen and bathrooms to brighten up your home. Simple touches like dimmer switches make a dramatic change to any room. Make your space more welcoming with substantial lighting!


8. Remove Paneling and Popcorn   

Wood paneling and popcorn ceilings add unnecessary age to your home. So, consider ripping out the paneling and putting up some drywall. If you really like a "wood" look, you can use reclaimed wood installed horizontally. It looks more modern, it's not a huge or expensive project, and it can instantly add value into your home. 

The second item to leave behind is popcorn ceilings. These can also be drywalled over. Typically, there is a reason they are popcorned such as cracks or bad seams.


Bottom Line

A home that looks modern will fetch a more modern home value. So, focus on your new living space and take care of it over time. Any improvement to your home can turn into an investment in your property’s future. It’s worth the time and effort, so consider home investments today!